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Vic Testolin also known as Dr Draught, was a Draught Beverage Quality Specialist with extensive knowledge and experience in brewing, keg filling, quality assurance, distilling and customer service (in the hospitality industry). Responsibilities have included running Ballarat brewery (Guinness production) and being Draught Beer Manager – Tasmania and Vic now specialises in setting up Craft Distilleries.

With strong problem solving skills and experience in trouble shooting quality related issues and training, Dr Draught is recognised as an expert in draught (keg) beverage quality both in the production and dispense areas.

​This experience is applicable in the manufacturer of draught beverages (beer, cider, RTDs) and FMCG as well as the retail sector (hotels, clubs, event venues, etc).

  • Draught Beverage Quality including monitoring of national keg complaint trends and liaising with the Incident Management Team to coordinate any draught product withdrawals or recalls. The provision of consistent liaison with Draught Operations quickly resolves the root cause that led to the issue.
  • Brewing
  • Extensive Organoleptic experience
  • Quality Control
  • Keg filling/procedures/specifications
  • Product Quality Issue Investigation & Resolution at the Brewery or Retail Outlet
  • Customer Service
  • Education (product knowledge, keg dispense, quality parameters)
  • Product Withdrawal & Recall
  • Setting up of Product Complaint Systems to monitor and action complaints
  • Setting up excise recovery procedures and systems for faulty/complaint kegs
  • Keg specifications for procurement
  • Project Management of Craft Distillery Setup
  • Distilling
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